MFL trip to Salamanca 2013


Garforth Academy provides a rich and varied programme of international activities.  Some of these such as the biannual skiing trip to Vermont in the USA are sports and leisure-based activities; some such as the 2011 GLEEDS trip to New York enhance the music curriculum; some such as the visits in 2013 to  Spain, France, Poland and the Belgian battlefields of World War One  are very much part of our Modern and Foreign Languages (MFL) and History curriculum; and some such as the on-going partnership work with Mzuvele High School in South Africa offer students the opportunity to learn about a quite different culture to our own.

We are passionate about our international work and we know from talking to our students and parents/carers the impact these visits can have upon our students.

MFL trip to Normandy 2013





 History visit to Poland 2013







Garforth Jazz Rock Band playing in the KwaMashu township 2011

Mzuvele is situated in the black township of KwaMashu in Durban.  We have been partners since 2008.  We have send musicians from the Garforth Jazz Rock Band, A-level science and drama students and this year, construction and ICT students out to Mzuvele.  We have successfully applied for funding through the British Council and the Delta Charitable Foundation as well as local businesses and the Garforth and District Lions to support our work. Our students have played music in the local township church, community centre and primary schools.  Our A level students have worked with staff and students at Mzuvele to develop teaching resources. 

An Mzuvele classroom before the construction students got to work with Mr Wills

 This year, our construction students have worked to improve two classrooms while one of our ICT staff and  students  have ensured their Mzuvele partners can access the internet through computers and a projector which have been bought with funds raised by  Garforth students from the academy’s biennial sponsored walk. 


Construction students with George Adcock and Mr Newstead on Nelson Mandela Day, South Africa



We have exchanged staff and in 2012 we received funding from the Commonwealth to fund two Mzuvele teachers to come and work with us for eight weeks.  Previously we have hosted Mzuvele students who have brought their dancing and amazing singing to be part of Garforth Arts Festival.  We firmly believe our partnership while providing much needed material support for Mzuvele also provides a bridge between two cultures which helps our students and staff to each understand more about how lives are lived 8,000 miles apart.

 Mr Shangase, Principal Mzuvele High School, visiting Rowena Primary Academy Doncaster, 2013












In September 2013 Garforth Academy was awarded the International School Award.