Health & Social Care


 Head of Department: Mrs. L. Binks

Qualification achievable

BTEC Level 2

GCSE equivalence


Core or Option

Option Subject

Head of Department

Mrs L Binks



What will I study & how is the course organised?

The BTEC Level 2 Qualification in Health and Social Care explores a wide range of careers through a range of learning experiences linked to the workplace.  The skills, knowledge and understanding you will gain are not only valuable for the caring professions but are also valued in other industries.



Course Content

You will cover a range of mandatory and optional units which are linked to topics such as:

         ·            Human lifespan development

         ·            Cultural diversity

         ·            Anatomy and physiology

         ·            Creative activities used in health and social care settings

         ·            The impact of diet on health

         ·            Communication

         ·            Work placements in health and social care settings

         ·            Meeting individual needs



How is the course assessed?

There will be two externally tested units and a wide range of internally assessed work that form a portfolio of evidence



Where might it lead?

This is an ideal course to prepare for more specialised study in this sector.  The Health and Social Care course will equip students with the appropriate skills necessary for any Level 3 (post-16) programme of study.


A large number of health and social care qualifications are well established in schools, colleges and universities and lead to employment and courses in Higher Education within the Caring Professions.  These professions include any job that supports the health, well-being, social needs and education of people of all ages. This subject area offers a varied and exciting range of career opportunities.