Philosophy & Ethics


Head of Philosophy Ethics (More Able and Talented Coordinator): Mr S Nesbitt

We are a fun department who enjoys delivering great lessons. Within Philosophy and Ethics, students learn about religions across the globe and how belief influences behaviour. We try to our best to bring the curriculum to life; students are able to examine artefacts in class and we try to offer trips to places of local religious significance to each year band.


Y7 Topics



Looking for God


Enrichment trip to St. Mary’s Church, Garforth


Y8 Topics




Looking at Living

Enrichment trip to a Gurdwara and a Synagogue in Leeds




Qualification achievable


GCSE equivalence


Core or Option

Option Subject

Head of Department

Mr S Nesbitt


What will I study & how is the course organised?

As a student you will cover a range of topics that will equip you to better operate in our modern multi-faith society.  Lessons are often discursive and you will learn the skills of argument and evaluation, as well as writing concise GCSE style answers.  By the end of the course you will be in a better position to negotiate the complexities of religious teachings, media influence, and current political issues.


How is the course assessed?

         ·            100% examination


Where might it lead?

Philosophy and Ethics is an ideal subject for everyone entering higher education or the world of work as students will broaden their mind and gain a greater understanding of the world.

Philosophy and Ethics will especially help those considering a career in Law, Medicine, Teaching or Politics.