Student Council



 Garforth Academy Student Councillors and Sixth Formers visit the Houses of Parliament.


Garforth Academy has a long tradition of encouraging its students to actively engage in decision-making processes. The academy was a founding member of Leeds Youth Council back in 2004.

Each form in the academy annually elects two members to serve on its Year Council which in turn elects four members to serve on the Student Council alongside 6th form representatives.

Student Council meets every two weeks.  It receives reports from other students, makes suggestions and debates issues of concern to students.  It manages its work through a group of elected officers. 

Currently, the main focus of the Student Council work is updating the Student Council Manifesto to run up to 2017.

In September this year, the Student Council took part in a two-night residential at Herd farm in Eccup.  Student Councillors took part in a number of outdoor team-building activities including an extremely high, high ropes course, a fun zip-wire course (which seemed to involve everyone singing at the top of their voices as they flew down the zip-wire!)  and archery, where we discovered one of our number is a female William Tell!  In the evenings, the hard work took place with working sessions on;

Working with Year Councils;

Working with Leeds Youth Council and the UK Youth Parliament;

The Student Council Manifesto up to 2017;

What makes a great Student Council?


As a result of these discussions, the Student Council has now established three working groups to look in more detail at;


Lunchtime facilities,

Health & Wellbeing,

Whole school PHSCE,

Links with other schools and academies locally, nationally and internationally,

Funding and re-cycling.


On 16th October this year Student Councillors alongside members of the sixth form visited the Houses of Parliament where, following a very informative tour, they met Alec Shellbroke MP, who is our local Member of Parliament for the Elmet constituency.  Alec talked to them about his role as an MP and the workings of parliament, before answering questions.

All students can make suggestions and read the meeting minutes by accessing the Student Council page on the Learning Platform.