Useful Links

Link to the New Learning Platform

Click on the link below, but make sure you follow the instructions for logging one with the username described below the link.

Learning Platform


If you are using this link from home you will need to logon with your username with e.g. and then use your password that you use to log on to computers in school



Link To E-mail

If you are using the new learning platform you will need to open an in-private browsing window to access your email. Press CTRL-SHIFT-P and then copy the URL below into the adrees bar

You can then log on with your account



Garforth Academy Moodle

Moodle is only available to students who have subscribed to courses through their subject teachers

I am learning

I am learning

I am learning is a revision sites with over 100,000 questions relevant to KS3 and GCSE subjects. Students log on using the school ID GALS25,  their username, firstnamelastname   (no spaces) and their password which is their DOB in ddmmyyyy format