The CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice Guidance) provision has been designed to positively support pupils to acquire the educational, social and employability skills necessary for lifelong success in a diverse and changing world of work. Our careers programme is developed and delivered by our in house careers team. We have Level 6 qualified staff with huge experience in careers education. As this is an in-house provision we feel that the staff are able to develop relationships with pupils and really deliver a personalised approach to advice. We have been awarded the Prospects Quality Award in CEIAG.  This award recognises the high quality of the careers provision at the academy. The Prospects award meets the exacting validation criteria of the national Quality in Careers Standard and stands for 3 years. All of our CEIAG provision is developed in line with Gatsby benchmarks which are recognised as best practice in this area. We meet all aspects of the Gatsby benchmarks – for full details of this please refer to the CEIAG section of the website.

Each year group has a focus which continues throughout the pupils seven year journey with us. The details of each year group are shown below:





Learning Aims


What makes me Unique?

What Are My Dreams for the Future?

To consider what makes pupils unique by delivering self-awareness skills, explore lots of interesting and inspiring options with the aim of widening aspirations


Decisions, Decisions, decisions!

What is an entrepreneur?

Focus on decision making skills – (KS4 options). Pupils will be enabled to make choices effectively and take part in lessons that will raise aspirations around future career and education pathways.


Job Awareness

What Are My Choices for KS4?

Pupils to learn about industry sectors, growth sectors and interesting jobs for the future.


Exploring Possibilities

Getting ready for Y11?

Pupils will consider how to ‘stand out from the crowd’ by learning how to match themselves to jobs and how to write CV’s / cover letters. They will develop their own personal brand and consider how they could market themselves to employers.


What will I do after Y11?

Pupils will create an action plan for their Post 16 journey focussing on acting upon and achieving their dreams. They will have a challenging, inspiring and realistic target and will have access to a full range of independent, impartial careers and education options.




Aiming Higher

Where Do I Go Next?

All pupils will have a plan for when they leave Garforth Academy. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through enrichment activities and work experience to support them in their long term career aspirations.




All pupils will have a plan for when they leave Garforth Academy. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through enrichment activities and work experience to support them in their long term career aspirations.

We work in partnership with a range of university’s including The University of Leeds, Northumbria University and University of York these are accessed through their outreach programmes. This covers a host of activities across a range of year groups. We also work in partnership with The Apprenticeship Hub as well as a whole host of both regional and national employers. These partnerships are designed to raise aspirations and awareness of Higher Education and support pupils to make considered and informed choices.

All pupils begin progression interviews in Year 10 which are held with a guidance tutor. These talks will continue throughout Year 11 and are focused on both Post 16 and 18 options. They are designed to give pupils the chance to discuss their career aspirations and gain feedback on which pathways may be the most suitable for them.

All pupils in Year 13 will have access to ‘Careers and Life Skills’ lessons, where pupils will take part in group tutorials helping them to research and apply for University and Apprenticeships. Topics such as pupil finance, budgeting and independent living will also be covered.

Pupils in all year groups (including Post 16) gain employer encounters through a variety of activities including one off events, careers clubs and “drop down” sessions which take place throughout the year. This is a very popular and accessible way for Higher Education providers, employers and organisations such as the armed forces to come into the academy and speak informally with pupils. A small number of pupils who are identified as being at risk of NEET are scheduled additional meetings until a personalised pathway is developed.

All pupils sign up to Unifrog. This innovative careers guidance software helps young people make better, more informed choices about their career path. Pupils are given the opportunity to personalise their experience by completing a profile about themselves. This includes adding information about their interests and skills and helps pupils to research the job market so they can find out who is recruiting locally for the jobs that they are interested in.

Sixth Form pupils are offered the opportunity to attend the UCAS Convention and we offer a wide range of Higher Education and apprenticeship encounters throughout Years 12 and 13. 

Motivational speakers are invited into the academy to deliver inspirational sessions. An example of this is our use of Speakers For Schools where a one of the senior directors of a multinational organisation shared their experience and views with a year group. Other similar external speakers are used extensively across a range of year groups.

We have also developed a Local Area Board in connection with the Career Ready programme. This involves key stakeholders from a wide range of organisations meeting every 3 months to utilise opportunities of employer engagement. In addition to the board a newsletter is sent to all stakeholders every 3 months to maintain engagement and keep supporters informed of developments in school.