English Language

Head of Department: Mrs R. Hill

Qualification: GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 9-1

Exam Board:     EDUQAS (WJEC)   


Component 1:

20th Century literature Reading Study and Creative Prose Writing

Weighting: 40%

Written Exam- 1 hour 45 minutes 

Section A (20%) Reading (40 marks)

This section will test through structured questions the reading of an unseen extract from one

20th century literary prose text (about 60-100 lines).

Section B (20%) Prose Writing (40 marks)

This section will test creative prose writing through one 40-mark task. Candidates will be offered a choice of four titles giving opportunities for writing to describe and narrate, and imaginative and creative use of language. This response should be a narrative / recount.

This section assesses AO5 and AO6. 

Component  2:

19th and 21st Century Non-Fiction Reading Study and Transactional/Persuasive Writing

Weighting: 60%-

Written exam- 2 hours. 

Section A (30%) Reading (40 marks)

This section will test through structured questions the reading of two high-quality unseen non-fiction texts (about 900-1200 words in total), one from the 19th century, the other from the 21st century. Non-fiction texts may include, but will not be limited to: letters, extracts from autobiographies or biographies, diaries, reports, articles and digital and multi-modal texts of various kinds from newspapers and magazines, and the internet.

Section B (30%) Writing (40 marks)

This section will test transactional, persuasive and/or discursive writing through two equally weighted compulsory tasks (20 marks each). Across the two tasks candidates will be offered opportunities to write for a range of audiences and purposes, adapting style to form and to real-life contexts in, for example, letters, articles, reviews, speeches, etc.

Component 3: Spoken Language


Candidates will be required to complete one formal presentation or speech. They will also be assessed on their responses to questions and feedback following the presentation or speech. Standard English should be a feature of all parts of the candidates’ work in this component. 

Achievement in Spoken Language will be reported as part of the qualification, but it will not form part of the final mark and grade.

Course Summary:

Students will study GCSE English language over the course of 2 years. Building on the skills developed at KS3, students will explore a range of both fictional and non-fictional texts. Students will explore the writer’s craft in structuring a text and will analyse and evaluate how a writer uses language and tone to create meaning and effects. Students will be given the opportunity to hone and develop their writing skills for a number of different forms and audiences. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring that students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar is of a high standard. 

In year 9, Students are given the opportunity to complete Component 3: Spoken Language. Students will be encouraged to research, create and deliver a presentation to their peers on a topic of their choice. 

More Details: http://eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/english-language/gcse/