Extra-Curricular Clubs, Visits & Residential


We offer a range of after school clubs which are open to all pupils through our GASP programme. Peripatetic music lessons are extremely popular with currently 180 pupils learning a broad range of instruments. The Academy has produced some fantastic whole school musical events, with opportunities for pupils to be involved in a wide variety of roles from acting, to lighting, to costume and set design or musical performance. We have a number of successful sports teams from across the key stages who both train and compete regularly. All pupils are encouraged to participate in an extra curricular activity through Our Core Values. Science club is particularly popular on Fridays after school.

We offer a diverse range of educational trips and visits to places such as Kinnerton chocolate factory, Leeds University, Temple Newsome, Theatre Royal in York, Hornsea, EIS Sheffield as well as rewards trips to venues chosen by the pupils (Alton Towers, Xscape, Light Water Valley). We have a variety of residential opportunities for pupils in places like Cranedale, Paris, Belgium and Salamanca. Pupils in year 9 upwards have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which involves practical expeditions facilitated by a dedicated staff team. We regularly run an extremely popular ski trip to Vermont with a stopover in New York.

The Academy was awarded The International Award in 2018 in recognition of our strong international links. We have worked in partnership with Mzuvele High School for a number of years, which has allowed opportunities for both pupils and staff from both schools to visit and share experiences.

Please select any of our extra-curricular activities below to get further details or read the full programme by downloading the After school acitivities document.

Duke of Edinburgh



Welcome to GASP!       

Garforth After School Programme

GASP! comprises extra-curricular activities delivered by all departments and is the Academy’s integrated after school programme. It has been developed in response to parents who asked to be able to find all our after school activities in one place.

The majority of activities are free, but for some there is a charge, which we have kept to a minimum, to cover specialist staff and resources.

We have also included our Arts Live classes. If you would like more information regarding Arts Live, please visit Arts-Live.co.uk

The following pages list the daily activities for Monday 2 November - Friday 18 December 2020.

Year 7 Enrichment Clubs for November and December

Science Club

"In science club we can do the experiments and learn about the science YOU want to do! From rockets to dissections, explosions to DNA, attending science club extends your scientific skills and knowledge further than year 7 lessons can allow. We meet Wednesdays in week B at 2.35 and do topics that you suggest!“ Also this club happens on alternative weeks

Geography Club

The aim is to look at different topics and activities that we do not cover in lessons, ranging from orienteering to 3D model buildings eg volcanoes, earthquake proof buildings. We will investigate a range of case studies and look at current geographical issues facing the world today, with a view to coming up with solutions to these problems. As well as watching Geographical documentaries, eg David Attenborough’s “A Life On Our Planet”.

Code Club

Code Club is a national activity we are participating in. At the club sessions you will learn how to create games, animations, and web pages using Scratch, Python, or HTML/CSS. You can find out more here: https://codeclub.org/en/discover-clubs

History makers

History makers is a practical club which allows students to produce models of the past. The students will decide what they would like to make but for the first couple of sessions we will be making Elizabethan Pomanders, Native American tipis, using authentic fabric and designs, and Victorian Christmas cards.

The other ideas and topics up for discussion are: WWI Trench cake, The Bayeux tapestry 2020 style and William and Harold's battle formation on Senlac hill.

Also this club happens on alternative weeks.

Ukes & Flutes

Would you like to learn to play the ukulele? If so, come along, no experience required. We will also provide a ukulele for you to use. Learn to play chords and riffs, and before you know you'll be able to perform lots of popular music songs. 

Year 8 Enrichment Clubs in November and December

Knitting and Crochet club

It will be a club for Yr 8s who would like to learn a new skill  (knitting and/or crochet) and for those who already can.  All abilities welcome from beginners to advanced knitters.  A chance to relax at the end of the day, chat with friends, listen to relaxing music and learn or improve a new skill.  Perfect time to knit your own scarf or make Christmas presents for loved ones.  If you have your own needles and wool then please bring them along - I will lend wool and needles for those who don't have them.

Gardening club

If you want to grow your own grub or some fancy flowers get yourself down to Gardening Club.  Put on your wellies and your gardening gloves and come get in touch with nature.  

MathsArt club

The great thing about Maths Art is that you don’t need any artistic ability to be able to create amazing patterns. All students need is a pencil, ruler and compass and maybe some colouring pencils! I started Islamic Geometry during lockdown with no prior experience and because a picture is worth a thousand words I want to show a couple of my pictures and a collage image that shows our first project. After Islamic Geometry, project 2 will be snowflakes!

Musical theatre club

We will be looking at a wide variety of musicals and learning songs, dances, and scenes from them. We will be learning performance skills and how to be confident on stage.

Ensemble club

Open to all instrumentalists. Come along and jam with other students, rehearsing and performing popular songs.  

Keyboard club

Would you like to learn the keyboard, or further advance your skills? If so, this is the perfect club for you. No experience is necessary. 

Year 9 Enrichment Clubs in November and December

Design and Tech club

To design and make projects within a workshop environment using hand tools, laser cutter and 2D Design Software. 

Girls Crafts and STEM club

An opportunity for Year 9 girls to be creative.

It will also be an opportunity to have fun, as we solve practical problems. Products that we will be making could include headphone holder, Christmas crafts, concrete products, baking soda and vinegar rocket/boats, jewellery, etc.

Graphics Design Club

Learn about the hidden tricks and techniques that professional designers use to create their amazing posters, book covers, DVD covers, magazines - in fact anything you see in print.

Attending a weekly Friday after school session, you will learn how to use Photoshop, and discover how to creatively combine images to create original designs and products. This club requires the same students to attend for the full 6-week programme because the project will carry on each week.

Strung quartet

Do you play the violin, viola, cello or double bass? If so, come along and join our friendly string quartet. Previous experience playing an instrument required.

Music Tech Club

Interested in Music Tech and would like to expand your skills and knowledge? If so, get in contact with Mr Thornton or Miss Cowley to find out more.

Rock Band Club

Do you play an instrument or sing and would like to be part of a rock band? If so, come along be part of a rock band. Previous experience of playing an instrument required.

Percussion Ensemble

Interested in playing the drums or currently having lessons? If so, come along to our percussion ensemble every week and play along to popular hits.

Year 10 Music and Sports Clubs in November and December

Year 11 Enrichment Clubs between in November and December