Food Technology

Units of Study

Year 7

General Introduction to Working with Food:

  • Hygiene and safety (the 4Cs)
  • Methods of heat transference and use of the cooker
  • Developing practical food skills, incl. weighing and measuring, chopping (with bridge & claw hold) and time control
  • Range of practical activities, incl. fruit salad, pizza snack and rock buns 

Healthy Eating

  • Eatwell Guide as the current model for ensuring a healthy balanced diet
  • Diet related illnesses and prevention
  • Range of practical activities incl. pasta salad, fruit crumble and marble cake

Year 8

Exploring the Eatwell Guide in detail

  • Starchy carbohydrate for energy, with a range of practical activities, incl. yeast dough bread products from a basic recipe
  • Protein for strength, growth and repair, with a range of practical activities, incl. bolognese, chilli, mac n cheese, goujons and pasta bake
  • Biscuit making, covering a range of practical techniques, such as rubbing in and creaming for cookies, shortbread and scones
  • Current Traffic Light nutrition labelling for packaged food

Enrichment Opportunities

  • After school workshops throughout the year