Head Start Programme

The Aims of the Head Start Programme

At Garforth Academy we are keen to ensure that all of our students reach their full potential. Our Head Start Programme is designed to ensure that our most able learners are given the challenge, encouragement and assistance they need to achieve success and to create additional enrichment opportunities for them to develop and demonstrate their abilities.

What is a head start student?

  • Students who are academically able and have achieved a GCSE average of 7.5 or above.
  • Students who wish to study at Oxford or Cambridge or at a Russell Group University, or who want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine degrees or other competitive courses.
  • It is also possible to gain entry onto the Head Start Programme by performing well in the internal exams or through being nominated by a subject tutor if you show particular promise in a subject.

Our dedicated Tutorial programme is designed to offer you additional support to assist you with your application for a selective university or Higher Education course. 

Additional support and guidance includes:

  • Specialised enrichment programme for head start students, designed to help you develop your confidence and communication skills for university;

  • Helping you to research courses and institutions;

  • Access to workshops and Summer Schools at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities through our established links;
  • Specialised support events for parents;
  • Head Start students grouped together in Tutor groups;
  • Mentor support from Head Start Y13 students;
  • Access to Medlink three day conferences for Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Chemistry and Physiotherapy;
  • Drafting your personal statement which forms a key part of any successful application;
  • Developing and practicing your interview skills. You will be given the opportunity to participate in practice interviews in order to test out and refine your skills. Professional feedback will be provided to enable you to improve your performance for the real thing;
  • Guidance and preparation for the aptitude and admissions tests. A number of institutions now require applicants to sit these as part of the application process and they can be a daunting prospect if you are unprepared. You will be given help to prepare in the event that this becomes a likely element of your applications.

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