Units of Study

Year 7

  • The Ancient World: The Greek and Roman Empire
  • Conquests: The Vikings and Normans
  • Beliefs and Religion: The Crusades and The Black Death
  • Power: Henry VIII and the Spanish Armada
  • New Ideas: The Renaissance and Responses to the Plague
  • Empire: Why did Britain go to War over Tea?

Year 8

  • Globalisation: The impact of slavery on Africa and the Industrial Revolution.
  • 19th Century: Advances of medicine and Women’s suffrage.
  • First World War: Why did so many men volunteer and conditions in the trenches.
  • Second World War: Hitler’s politics and impact of the blitz.
  • Persecution: Persecution of minorities in Nazi Germany and persecution of Native Americans.
  • Civil Rights: Martin Luther King’s role in the development of Black Civil Rights

Enrichment Opportunities