Units of Study

Year 7

1NumberPlace Value, Decimals and using scales.
2NumberFactors, Multiples and Primes. HCF and LCM
3NumberFour operations with integers and decimals.
4NumberUnderstanding fractions
5NumberFour operations with fractions.
6NumberComparing and ordering fractions, decimals and integers including correct use of ≥, >, ≤, < and ≠
7AlgebraSolving equations
8Data HandlingConstruct and interpret tables, charts, and diagrams, including frequency tables, bar charts, pie charts, and pictograms for categorical data, and bar charts for numerical data. Calculate mean, median, mode and range for ungrouped data.
9GeometryCalculate and solve problems involving: perimeters of 2D shapes, including circles.  Using a calculator accurately and explore the answers correctly.
10GeometryDerive and apply formulae to calculate and solve problems involving perimeter and area of triangles, parallelograms and trapezia.
11AlgebraGenerate terms in a sequence using term to term or given nth term rules (both).
12GeometryDerive and illustrate properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and other plane figures using appropriate language, symbols and technologies.
13GeometryDerive and use the sum of angles in a triangle and use it to deduce the angle sum in any polygon, and to derive properties of regular polygons.
14GeometryUnderstand and use the relationship between parallel lines and alternate and corresponding angles.
15GeometryCoordinates in all 4 quadrants.Identify properties of, and describe the results of, translations, rotations and reflections applied to given figures.

Year 8

1NumberUnderstanding Percentages
2NumberFractions and Percentages as Operators
4NumberPowers and Roots
5NumberOrder of Operations
6AlgebraSimplify and Manipulate Algebra
7AlgebraPlotting and Interpreting Graphs
8Data HandlingIntroducing Probability
9GeometryCircles and Compound Area
10Geometry3D Shapes, Capacity and Volume
13GeometrySimilarity and Congruence
14AlgebraApplied Graphs
15Data HandlingFurther Probability

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Key Stage 3 Support/Enrichment on Monday evenings in room 2.
  • Individual events for MAAT students throughout the year.