Y11 Spring Mock Results Celebration Assembly

Our Year 11 students had a special assembly on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th March. Mrs. Young(Principal) started the event with reminding students of the total number of days left before the start of the formal exams in May (46 days).  She also touched on the importance of students being resilient and doing their best from now until their last exams.

It was a fantastic opportunity for students to take heed of expert guidance and advice from Heads of Departments of English, Maths & Science. All of them pointed out the improvements students have made in these subjects since the mock exams in December.

English - On average students have improved at an average of +7 marks in total, which is equivalent to half a grade.

Maths - 90% of students have improved their score from the December to the February mock. The average increase in marks from December to March was 25, this is approximately one grade

Science - From Christmas to March mock exams average grade has increased in all 3 science strands with a greater percentage of students finding success in the longer style questions.

Prizes were distributed using a unique 'randomiser' that had the name of students added according to the progress made. The more progress made by a student, the more chances they had to win a prize! The students thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of who was going to be the next person to win from the wonderful range of goodies such as nerf guns, Easter eggs and Bath bombs.

This assembly has marked the starting point for the final approach to the Summer examinations. We now need to build on students' success in order to further raise attainment and improve student progress at Garforth Academy.