Y9 MAAT Students experience 'Frontline Living History'

On Monday 18th March, the History department organised a World War One half-day workshop by David Alton from Frontline Living History for Year 9 pupils in the More Able and Talented Programme. 

From Puttees and PH hoods to webbing and whizz-bangs - World War One can be a complex moment of World History, but with the help of Mr. Alton - dressed as an authentic ‘Tommy’ – pupils were given an insightful out-of-the-classroom experience.

Using primary and secondary sources - including soldiers’ own accounts - Year 9s explored recruitment during World War One, covering issues such as what motivated men to volunteer and how the British government used propaganda to encourage volunteering; trench life and the changing weapons and tactics of the war, including gas, tanks, aircraft, machine guns, mines, artillery and more. 

A favourite moment of staff and students alike was the ability to actually handle weapons and other artefacts from World War One and some lucky pupils even dressed in the uniforms of British, French and German soldiers from one hundred years ago.

We hope to see Mr. Alton again next year!

Thanks to Mr. Gatehouse and the History department for organising the event.