Praise and Rewards

We have adapted our reward policy for the start of the 2020/21 academic year due to the current government rules around outside trips and visitors in to school. We will continue to review the situation and create more reward opportunities within the government guidelines.

In September students from Year 7-11 were informed of a short term reward incentive based on their Overall Achievement Points. The reward activities include pampering time at the hair and beauty department, a FIFA tournament on the main hall screen, a film in the lecture theatre, games in the school canteen as well as a list of other activities.

To win a chance to take part in these activities in the week beginning 14th December students need to be in the top half of their year group for Overall Achievement Points between 28th September and 4th December. Overall Achievement Points is calculated by Achievement Points minus Behaviour Points. Students who get a C4 behaviour or C5 in that time will automatically lose the chance to be rewarded.

We won’t be able to reward all of the top half from each year group because of facilities and the fact we will have to arrange the activities on a different day for each year group to ensure there is no crossing of bubbles. We will also need to take into account government rules at the time the reward is due to take place. A random draw will take place to see which students from the top half of each year group win the chance to take part in the reward. The higher the students Overall Achievement Points the more times their name will be in the draw and therefore the greater the chance their name will be pulled out. We know this will lead to some disappointed students but we will continue to organise future reward opportunities.

Achievement Points are awarded by staff for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Academic achievement
  • Outstanding effort
  • Great contribution in class
  • Excellent homework
  • Helping others
  • Positive contribution to the community

Behaviour Points are given to students who receive a C2, C3, C4 or C5.

Parents/carers can keep track of their child’s Achievement Points and Behaviour Points using the school gateway app.

Proud Thursday

Each week we celebrate the amazing work that our students, and staff, have completed over the last seven days. All members of the school staff can nominate a person for outstanding work in a subject, supporting another member of their year, going the extra mile for a task…….the list goes on!
All students are celebrated on twitter (@DeltaGarforth) plus an email home to parents/carers to recognise the achievement.

Below are a few pictures of some of the work students have done to be nominated.