Units of Study

Year 7


  • meeting people and introducing yourself
  • school objects and the classroom
  • the alphabet
  • counting up to 20
  • saying when your birthday is
  • colours 


  • school subjects
  • what you do in lessons
  • teachers
  • opinions and reasons
  • daily routine
  • time

Self and family

  • talking about brothers and sisters
  • counting up to 100
  • talking about pets
  • appearance and character
  • describing self and others
  • grammar- possessive adjectives, using the verb ser, using adjectives after nouns
  • present tense of regular verbs 

Where people live

  • Describing houses and homes
  • Describing bedrooms
  • Using prepositions
  • Giving information what you do in the evening
  • Telling the time
  • Future tense

Year 8


  • holidays
  • Where you went
  • how you travelled
  • what you did

Food and drink

  • mealtimes
  • shopping for food
  • quantities
  • eating at a restaurant
  • I’m a celebrity get me out of here


  • clothes
  • colours, styles and fashion
  • school uniform
  • fancy dress

Revision/preparation for Y8 exam (2/3 weeks)

People  and free time activities

  • free time
  • opinions describing friends
  • famous Spanish speaking celebrities daily routine
  • nationalities 

Going out

  • Places in a town
  • Inviting someone out
  • Making excuses
  • Likes and dislikes – others 


  • Saying what there is to see and do in a city
  • Different types of shop
  • Directions
  • Describing a holiday in Barcelona
  • Understanding a story set in Barcelona

Enrichment Opportunities

European Day of languages celebrations September 2018

(tortilla making competition, pizza making competition, film nights, quizzes, mascot competition, French breakfast) 

MAAT programme (TBC)