Supporting Individual Needs


The Excellence Centre is a provision in the academy where pupils suffering from physical or mental health difficulties can be temporarily taught in a smaller more personalised setting. Pupils working in The Excellence Centre follow their normal timetable and work is provided by their subject teachers, with the addition of bespoke support.

The Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) is a provision which supports pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. Pupils in the PLC also follow a broad curriculum but access more personal development opportunities in order to support their return to the mainstream setting.

Our support department is well established and equipped to deal with pupils of varying needs. As an Academy we have seen an increase in the number of autism diagnoses and we currently have a high number of pupils with a formal diagnosis, who access support on a daily basis.

We have a wide variety of trained associate staff who can support pupils using varied resources and strategies as appropriate. We receive inclusion funding from the local authority to provide additional staffing, which enables pupils with SEND to access their learning in a mainstream setting. In addition to this we have used a temporary leadership allowance to work with pupils running a rewards and recognition system which is bespoke to their class and more immediate than the whole school system. We also work in partnership with The Ambition Programme which supports pupils who are disaffected or who have low self-esteem through raising aspirations and developing resilience.

Our Extended Services team provide families and pupils with access to a range of external agency support. These include very specific tailored support services but also more generic support for children such as access and signpost support for Young Carers, Parenting and Family support, anger management and well-being courses.