In the Art department at Garforth Academy, our ambition is to enable students to understand and navigate the visual world we live in.  We aim for students to become confident artists, able to express their ideas about the world around them. We promote decision making and problem-solving while also developing practical skills. Art and Design makes a unique contribution to school life and enhances the learning of all students. Art is for everyone, since everyone is capable of creative responses to their environment. For this reason, it is important that, throughout all key stages, students have an opportunity to be creative and to express individual thoughts, ideas and opinions in a variety of ways. We sequence work by starting with understanding the formal elements which are then applied and refined through drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and other art, craft and design techniques. In Key Stage 3, students create drawn and mixed media work, paintings, prints and ceramics. GCSE Art and Design offers an inspiring programme of study, which will challenge students to refine and develop practical art skills, understanding of visual imagery and creative thinking. Students will have three lessons per week over the duration of the two year course and the course is made up of 60% coursework and 40% final exam. Students will cover different projects per year, which will include a combination of research, recording/drawing, artist study, development and final pieces. The projects aim for students to develop a deeper understanding of Art and, as the course progresses, will require students to work within the parameters of a given topic and set of criteria but also to develop an individual style and/or direction. Students are assessed throughout the course to support and guide their development. They will receive a mixture of group critiques and individual tutorials/feedback. Students will be marked according to formal GCSE grades and formative marking. In the 6th form, the emphasis is on individual responses to set themes; students undertake a variety of assignments which help to develop critical thinking and practical skills. As the courses develop, students create highly personalised work, depending on their chosen areas of interest. Students have the use of a dedicated art studio that can be accessed at any time.

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