Our Business curriculum will give the students an opportunity to:

Research and Design

Engage in an iterative process of design and making;

Undergo primary and secondary research techniques into a range of clients’ needs;

Identify and solve their own problems and the problems of specific clients and target market groups;

Develop products that respond to the needs of clients in a variety of situations;

Develop and communicate their design ideas using a business plan and sales pitch and business proposal.


  • Select from and use specialist digital media tools, techniques, processes to produce a planned product;
  • Market and pitch a business proposal to a client;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and Enterprise and marketing.


  • Investigate new and emerging digital technologies;
  • Personal project work, analysing how the product fulfils the requirements of the specification and the user’s needs, wants and values;
  • Recognise how their product can be modified to better meet its intended aim and target audience.

Extra Information