The aim of Technology and Design is to provide pupils with the understanding to function effectively in the rapidly changing world. Through this subject pupils will have the opportunity to become more aware of how things are made and how they work.
Active involvement in Technology and Design provides opportunity for pupils to think, plan, reason, manufacture and evaluate. We actively develop the pupil’s ability to think and plan in a logical sequence to pursue goals, which can be realistically achieved. The subject brings together and utilises knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas especially in problem solving activities.
Technology and Design requires pupils to use a variety of materials, components and processes in the design and manufacture of products. It also offers pupils opportunities to experience the personal satisfaction and enjoyment. It instils in pupils the discipline of safe working practice.
The Design and Technology team are members of a dynamic and flourishing department with two full time members, 1-part time members. The department has three teaching rooms and a specialist heat treatment area. In addition, there is a work area for KS5 students and a departmental office located centrally.
The department works very successfully as a team to deliver quality teaching to the whole range of students that pass through the department. We understand the importance of providing all students with a secure and safe working environment in which to learn.

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