Design & Technology

The aim of Technology and Design is to provide pupils with the understanding to function effectively in the rapidly changing world. Through this subject pupils will have the opportunity to become more aware of how things are made and how they work.
Active involvement in Technology and Design provides opportunity for pupils to think, plan, reason, manufacture and evaluate. We actively develop the pupil’s ability to think and plan in a logical sequence to pursue goals, which can be realistically achieved. The subject brings together and utilises knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas especially in problem solving activities.
Technology and Design requires pupils to use a variety of materials, components and processes in the design and manufacture of products. It also offers pupils opportunities to experience the personal satisfaction and enjoyment. It instils in pupils the discipline of safe working practice.
The Design and Technology team are members of a dynamic and flourishing department with two full time members, 1-part time members. The department has three teaching rooms and a specialist heat treatment area. In addition, there is a work area for KS5 students and a departmental office located centrally.
The department works very successfully as a team to deliver quality teaching to the whole range of students that pass through the department. We understand the importance of providing all students with a secure and safe working environment in which to learn.

Curriculum Intent Statement

We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious Design & Technology curriculum, rich in skills, knowledge and understanding, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for future learning or employment. Our Design & Technology curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • Realise their creative imagination in a way that maximises their true potential and provides them with usable life skills. 
  • Develop a love of problem solving through design and make activities
  • Demonstrate innovation and creativity
  • Understand the work of others, including professional designers and their peers, and appreciate what good design involves
  • To work as individuals and part of a team, which will aid them in their future learning and employment
  • Promote an inquisitive and questioning mind-set that does not accept ideas and opinions at face value;
  • Use appropriate media to design and develop their own personal ideas.
  • Use a range of appropriate and ambitious technical language with precision and confidence
  • Produce ‘beautiful work’ of which they can be proud
  • Explain their ideas and future iterations through writing and/or modelling, as appropriate
  • Develop their character, including resilience, confidence and independence, so that they contribute positively to the life of the school, the Garforth community and the wider
PedagogyEnrichmentOther general principles
Our pedagogy is underpinned by:
– A rigorous and systematic approach to the teaching of Design & Technology
– The regular use of demonstrations of practical skills to model safe working practice
– A range of strategies to deepen knowledge so that it is committed to long term memory
– To realise that failure is the beginning of the learning process and not the end
– Design is a cyclical process and not a linear process
– Using client input to develop further iterations of original ideas
We will enrich our curriculum by:
– Establishing cross-curricular links including the use of Math, Science and Geography within a D&T context
– Provide after school Design & Technology clubs where students can experience the wider world of D&T in a more informal situation, not necessarily linked to the national curriculum and POS
– Providing off-site topic related experiences
Our curriculum will enable students to:
– Learn within a coherent and progressive framework
– Develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts that foster enjoyment
– Develop a rich and deep subject knowledge
– Understand what they are doing well and how they need to improve
– Explore the breadth and depth of the national curriculum
– Build on their understanding of the importance of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect
– Improve their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding
– To develop autonomy around their own designing and making
-FAIL – First Attempt In Learning
– By using RAGB students can work at the own level and aim for greater achievement
– WHAT and Why will be used on all project booklets and SOW, so that students and staff understand the purpose for each project.