Head of Department:  Miss. R Horsnail


The English Department consists of 18 specialist teachers with a passion for their subject and a deep knowledge of a variety of texts and writing techniques. Staff in the department enthuse our students with pro-active teaching and learning techniques; dynamic and engaging lessons; personalised learning targets for students and we instill an understanding of English and its use in ‘The Real World’.

The department are a friendly and welcoming group who endeavor to enrich our students’ experience of English through a variety of activities that run throughout the year. We also provide additional workshops and provision for our MAAT students. Additionally, you may see some of us in the Primary Schools working alongside year 6 students to ingrain a passion for reading and English before students even get to us.

Key Stage 3 Units of Study

The curriculum developed in Key Stage 3 was designed with a view to ensure students were ‘GCSE ready’, but also embed them with a knowledge of classic literary texts and ensure effective writing techniques were being used. The topic titles for each unit are the same in Year 7, 8 and 9, but staff will use different texts and resources matched to the individual needs of their learners. Please see the ‘Overview of the term newsletter’ for any additional information required on the units your child will be studying throughout the year. For any information on any individual activities, please contact your child’s English teacher.

Unit 1 & 2: Descriptive and Narrative Writing; A response to 19th Century Prose Fiction

Unit 3 & 4: Non-fiction texts (Discursive writing and the modern novel)

Unit 5: Poetry  

Unit 6: Shakespeare and Drama 

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Students will take two assessments during each unit in English. The first assessment will help guide their learning; the second will formally level your child in the skills they have been taught in the unit. These assessments have been designed to prepare students for the level and standard of assessment at KS4, therefore, your child now receives a 1-9 grading system based on how they perform.


Key Stage 4 Study

Qualification:  GCSE’s x 2

English Literature and English Language

Core/Option:   Core

Units and weighting: 100% External Examination

The English Literature and Language examination focuses on specific skills that students have studied during their English lessons and throughout Key Stage 3.

The course is designed to be linear and reinforce language skills needed for the exam alongside the Literature course. Please find detailed in the ‘Overview of the Term’ a list of texts your child will study as well as the separate language components.


Units of Study: Year 10

Unit 1 & 2: An Inspector Calls and Component 2

Unit 3 & 4: 19th Century Novel- Jekyll and Hyde and Component 1

Unit 5: Poetry Anthology and Unseen Poetry

Unit 6: Revision of Component 1 and 2 of English Language


Units of study: Year 11

Unit 1 & 2: Macbeth & Component 1

Speaking and Listening

Unit 3, 4, 5 & 6: Students will be revising and reinforcing previous topics studied at GCSE in order to ensure exam readiness.


To access revision materials for this subject please click here.