Head of Department: Mrs. S Wynn

Qualification: GCSEExam Board: EDEXCELExam/NEA split: 100% EXAM (x3 exams)

Unit 1: EXAM 1

Medicine in Britain c1250-present

Weighting: 30%

The course will look at 4 distinct time periods of medical development. The Middle Ages, Renaissance, the 18th and 19th centuries and the Modern era. Each time period will explore key beliefs about the understanding of the causes of, and treatment of disease. Students will develop an understanding of the nature and process of change.   

Unit 2: EXAM 2

The American West 1835-1895 and Early Elizabethan England, 1558-1588

Weighting: 40%

The American West unit will cover a relatively brief period of time in 3 separate sections. Each section will look at the changes to the American West through the advancement of technology, amongst other factors. The Elizabeth topic will again look at 3 different strands; Queen, government and religion; challenges at home and abroad; and society in the age of exploration.

Unit 3: EXAM 3

Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

Weighting: 30%

The Weimar and Nazi Germany unit will offer students the opportunity to explore a short time span and understand the complexity of a society, looking at political, economic and social factors.Students will study the Weimar republic, Hitler’s rise to power and Nazi control and dictatorship.

Course Summary:

The course will be taught over 3 years with students beginning their GCSE in Year 9. The Medicine course will be studied in Year 9 and there will be a mock exam on this topic at the end of the course. Towards the end of the year 9 students will begin to study Elizabeth and this topic will be completed during year 10 when students will then move on to the American West. There will be at least 2 formal mock exams during this year which will cover the content studied. In year 11 students will study the final element, Weimar and Nazi Germany and again there will be formal mocks throughout this year. Teaching will be complete towards Christmas of Year 11 when teachers will then deliver revision lessons on all 4 topics in the run up to the Year 11 June exams. 

More Details:  Pearson - History