Home Learning for Students

Students will access remote learning Via Ms Teams

How to access Microsoft Teams

To access MS teams click here

They will then have to login using their email which will be in the following format: username@garforthacademy.org.uk their username is the same they use to access the computers at the Academy, followed by their usual password. If your child has forgotten their username and password please email info@garforthacademy.org.uk

This will take students through to the learning platform where they should click on the Teams classroom button located on the left-hand side of the screen. Students will then be directed to MS Teams where they can download the desktop version or view via the web. 

Remote Education – National Lockdown

Students will follow their normal timetable via Microsoft Teams. This is a mixture of live and independent work. Where a student would normally have form time, the Learning Manager will deliver a virtual session on wellbeing.

How to access Work

Students will have access to their normal timetable at the regular time.

The Teams main dashboard will be populated with the student’s classes. These will be named lsgfa_classcode_subject_2021. Students should click on these to access work. The student’s normal classroom teacher will be setting work for students to undertake this will be a mixture of live lessons and independent work.

If a live lesson is taking place a notification will appear in the class channel. Otherwise the Teacher will put instructions/assignment in the main channel of the team and lesson resources in the files section.  Some of these resources may include PowerPoints with voiceovers. Students can access these by opening the PowerPoint followed by “Present”

At registration time, students are expected to access the pastoral team. At this time the Learning Manger will offer support and promote well-being.

Student Expectations

If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above?

In this scenario, students will follow their normal timetable, and access lesson material independently via MS Teams. There normal classroom teacher will set work, uploading a mixture of:

Interactive PowerPoints

These are detailed PowerPoints with voiceovers

Independent Work

Detailed independent work with instructions. The work, where possible will be what the student would have undertaken in class.

Help Information

A video guide on how to access work on MS Teams can be found at the top of the page. I would recommend students watch the instructional video located on this page on how to access work on Teams. A supporting PDF guide is also available on this page. :

Additional Online Learning

Key Stage 3

BBC Bitesize have also added daily lessons for pupils to follow that can be accessed here and here.

The Oak National Academy have also created lessons for pupils here

Key Stage 4

Additional work will also be set and/or accessed on the following websites (click to access):

Microsoft 365

The Online Academy gives all staff and students access to The Delta Academy – online.  This includes Outlook Email and Calendar, One Drive Cloud Storage, Teams Classrooms, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more of the Microsoft 365 packages to use where ever they may be in the world.