Head of Department: Mrs. K. Stephenson

About Science

An education through Science should go beyond the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself.  Pupils will develop an appreciation for the contributions Science and Technology make to society. We hope to enrich and inspire each student, and embed the desire to understand the patterns and processes behind the world they are a part of. Throughout the delivery of their lessons we encourage students to undertake a wide range of practical’s and investigative work. We hope this will not only bring enjoyment but will motivate pupils to consider the wider world around them.  Our students will not only be educated in an academic sense, but in a social and personal sense too. Emerging as confident people in an increasingly-technical society.

KS3 Study

Year 7

Biology topics include:

- Cell and Organization 

- Reproduction 

- Relationships and ecosystems  

-  Nutrition and Digestion 

Chemistry topics include:

- Acids and Alkalis 

- States of matter 

- The Periodic Table

- The Earth and atmosphere

Physics topics include:

- Sound 

- Light  

- Electricity and Magnetism 

- Matter

Year 8

Biology topics include:

- Cellular respiration and skeletal and muscular system 

- Photosynthesis 

-Gas Exchange and health 

- Inheritance, Chromosomes and Genes 

Chemistry topics include

- Atoms, Elements and purification  

- Chemical Energetics

- Using the periodic table 

- Changes in the earth and atmosphere 

Physics topics include:

- Forces and motion 

- Forces in Action 

- Space Physics 

- Energy

Year 9

Year 9 students will study a transition course which will enable them to study science at a higher level in preparation for the start of their GCSE course. This course will further prepare them for the skills required at GCSE. Topics that will be studied will include:

- Forensic Science 

- Food Science 

- Sports Science

KS3 Assessment

Students are first assessed early in Year 7 in the for a baseline assessment test on skills based questions. Following this all KS3 pupils will sit tests roughly each term to monitor their progress. During lesson pupil progress will be monitored by teachers based on assessed tasks or experimental work.


KS4 Study

Qualification: GCSE 


-  2 GCSE’s from Core and Additional Science

- 3 GCSE’s from Triple science.

- GCSE equivalence - BTEC First Award in Principles of Applied Science (1 GCSE)

Core Science – B1 – Biology, C1 - Chemistry and P1 - Physics (3 x 25% External examination). Controlled assessment 25%.

Additional Science – B2 – Biology, C2 - Chemistry and P2 - Physics (3 x 25% External examination). Controlled assessment 25%.

Triple Science – Students study 3 units for each separate science. 

- Biology – 75% External Examination, 25% Controlled assessment 

- Chemistry – 75% External Examination, 25% Controlled assessment 

- Physics - 75% External Examination, 25% Controlled assessment 

BTEC First Award in Principles of Applied Science - 1 x 1 hour examination at the end of Year 11 and assignments completed throughout Year 10 and 11.



- KS4 Help sessions available for Year 10 and Year 11 students to offer support and additional help. 

- Trips arranged where relevant and available.

- Science club runs fortnightly for Year 7 and 8 Students.

- KS3 Help sessions run weekly.