Head of Department: Miss J Pryer 

About Maths

The Mathematics Department consists of 19 specialist Maths teachers who believe that every student deserves the chance to develop mathematical skills, discover new concepts and enjoy the subject for its own sake.

Students will be encouraged to tackle open ended problems and use Maths in a variety of real life situations.

KS3 Units of Study

Year 7 and Year 8

During key stage 3 students cover topics from all four aspects of the curriculum – number, algebra, geometry and measures and statistics. Topics covered in Year 7 will be extended further in year 8. Mental calculations and real life numeracy are promoted in all years.

Example topics to be covered:


Fractions, percentages, conversions and measurements


Solving equations, simplifying expressions and deriving formulae

Geometry and Measures

Area, perimeter and volume, angle facts, 2D and 3D shapes


Representing and analysing data, probability

KS3 Assessment

Students are assessed by 3 internal examinations throughout the year, in addition to regular homework tasks. 


KS4 Study

Qualification: GCSE

Core/Option: Core

Units and weighting:

Current Year 11 – 2 x 1hr 45min exams at the end of Year 11

New GCSE (current Year 10 and below) – 3 x 90min exams at the end of Year 11


Units of Study

GCSE Maths aims to build on the concepts/skills learnt during KS3.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To recall and use mathematical knowledge
  • To select and apply mathematical methods in a range of contexts
  • To interpret and analyse problems and to generate strategies to solve the problem


*Maths challenge

*Team Maths challenge

*Maths club

*External speakers

*Supervised extra help and support sessions


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