SENCO – Mrs Christina Nesbitt; National SENCo Award

This Academy is a member of the Delta Academies Trust. The academy will use the resources and expertise of the Delta Academies Trust and work closely with other Delta academies to ensure that the SEND policy is implemented using best practice. It is the aim of Garforth Academy that every student achieves the very highest level of Attainment which reflects their ability.

At Garforth Academy it is the aim to provide all students with the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Within the academy subjects are set by ability, however no individuals or whole groups are singled out and labelled “less able”. Implicit in this philosophy is the notion that all teachers are teachers of students with special educational needs. The philosophy demands that individual differences are recognised within classes and catered for appropriately. The match between teaching styles, curriculum materials, expected learning outcomes and student ability is crucial. This is the context in which the policy on special educational needs must be seen.

More information regarding SEND can be found on the statutory information page