Year 6-7 Summer School 2021

After a very uncertain year for our upcoming year 7 students, we were thrilled to be able to invite them into school on a number of days so that they could meet some key staff, experience life in high school and meet their year group.

Using the funding allocation, we received from the DfE we were able to run a 5-day Year 6 summer school programme week beginning 9th August.  The Summer School was a huge success, and our Year 7 students experienced a fantastic week of academic and enrichment activities.

Supported by our own teaching and support staff we deliver a variety of activities to help our students:

  • become familiar with their surroundings
  • make new friends
  • get to know key members of staff
  • focus on numeracy and literacy
  • engage in wellbeing activities

 Our summer school was available to all incoming Year 7s with an average of 100 attending each day and students taking part in activities such as kite designing, numeracy, sporting events, cake decorating and literature activities.


Breakdown of spending is shown below:

Allocated Amount            £27,641
Staffing Costs (Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff)£16,041
Catering Costs£3,050
Materials (Creative Lessons, Food Tech)       £5,050
Facilities Costs (Inc Energy, Insurances etc)£2,000
Cleaning Costs£1,500

Overall, our Year 6 Summer School was a great success and assisted our new arrivals with the transition into secondary school.