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Appeals Process Summer 2021 Series

This page outlines the process to appeal an exam grade during the summer exam series with links to all required documentation.

If you have a query regarding your grades or the appeals process please email exams@garforthacademy.org.uk with a brief description of the query and contact details. In order to appeal we would suggest the following process:

1 – Complete a Subject Access Request so that we are able to give you all the grades you achieved in the different evidence we used to derive your final grade.

2 – Read the Letter to parents below and also the Centre Policy in order to understand the process that we have been through to derive your grade.

3 – Speak to a member of the Senior Leadership team so they can discuss the grounds for appeal with you and explain the rationale for the grade as well as the process should you wish to formally appeal to the exam bard.

4 – Complete the first part of the appeals application below – if your appeal is a Stage 1 – Centre Review – we will confirm the outcome of this as soon as possible. A Stage 1 appeal is where you can ask the centre to check whether it made a procedural error, an administrative error, or both.

5 – If you wish to continue your appeal to a Stage 2 – appeal to awarding organisation you should complete the rest of the Appeals application and submit this to exams@garforthacademy.org.uk

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