Curriculum Intent Statement

Through providing a curriculum that is broad and balanced, physical education compliments and supplements the aims of Garforth Academy and its Core Values.

  • The curriculum is designed to be enjoyable, but at the same time develop and stimulate the students; physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. It aims to provide an equal opportunity of learning experiences in games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, fitness and outdoor education. Students will be encouraged to take on different roles and enjoy physical activity as performers, spectators and referees/umpires/officials.
  • Lessons and schemes/units of work are structured to allow students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills within a physical education environment. The learning environment is appropriate to the age, maturity and skill level of the students. Expectations are high but realistic in terms of achievement, discipline, behaviour and dress. The atmosphere of lessons is such that students gain confidence in physical activity in a safe environment where student success is positively reinforced.
  • Students will regularly work in group situations. In many areas the emphasis is on competition, where students are encouraged to be cooperative and tolerant of each other in order to achieve their goal. In all situations empathy is paramount where students cater to the needs of their peers. Through performance, students will be encouraged to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others.
  • As students’ progress through the Academy they will be encouraged to adopt a positive attitude to activity and healthy living, motivating them to fulfil their sporting potential both within the Academy and through leisure facilities and clubs in the local community. As students enter Year 10 and 11 they are expected to take an active role in their physical education by choosing from various options and courses provided in the curriculum.

Aims of Physical Education

To promote the Physical, Mental and Social well-being of every student. We encourage all students:

  • To enjoy exercise and promote a concern for health and fitness through participation in physical activity.
  • To develop their ability to ‘strive to be their best’, by working at maximum effort.
  • To develop an awareness of the environment’s potential for leisure and recreation.
  • To develop positive attitudes towards self-esteem, co-operative learning, leadership and respect for others’ abilities.

Purpose of Physical Education

Within Physical Education at Garforth Academy it is our purpose that:

  • all students will be encouraged and helped to achieve their full potential, both perceived and latent. This includes the ability to think, enquire and debate logically, as well as apply themselves to tasks and develop skills;
  • all students will acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their life after they leave the Academy. The nature of our present day world demands the ability to respond flexibly and positively to change;
  • students will be encouraged to strive for high standards of literacy and numeracy at the level appropriate to their intellectual ability;
  • students should be encouraged to appreciate human achievement and aspirations in the context of a cultural and aesthetic life;
  • offering students a well ordered and disciplined environment should enhance the learning process;
  • we will strive to ensure that all students are physically challenged subsequently achieving their potential in developing motor skills;
  • students will acquire knowledge and skills relevant to continuing in sport after they leave the Academy, be it as a performer, spectator, official or group leader;
  • we will encourage students to strive for high standards in performance, appearance and sportsmanship;
  • students will be encouraged to appreciate the physical achievements of others;
  • we will strive to create a learning environment, which is well ordered and disciplined;
  • we appreciate and enjoy moving and achieving in physical activity;
  • we will develop competence and confidence in physical skills;
  • students will understand and appreciate a range of kinds of physical activity including sports, dance and physical activities;
  • students will be able to take part effectively on their own, with partners and in groups, in both competitive and co-operative situation;
  • students will select, practice and improve, to set their own goals and make sensible decisions about their participation in physical activity – which activity and at what level;
  • students will value safety codes, minimise risk, avoid danger and respond appropriately, when necessary to emergency situations;
  • students will be able to decide upon the most appropriate roles for them to play – as performer, spectator, official or group leader;
  • students will recognise, understand, appreciate and comment on good and bad performance;
  • striving to be able to cope responsibly with success and failure: physical education can provide an alternative platform for success for those students who may not find it in the academic sphere;
  • students will value the contribution, which physical education and exercise can make towards their health, well-being and lifestyle;
  • we will understand and appreciate the importance of valuing the contributions of others, whether male or female, whatever their level of ability or social cultural background;
  • students should appreciate the importance of fair play and of abiding by the rules and codes in all activities;
  • the importance in becoming involved in activities, which are socially valued, worthwhile and contribute to young people’s development into responsible and sensitive adults;
  • students will develop relevant skill, knowledge and understanding for future vocations in sport, recreation and dance.